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Journal of the Marine Science Centre
University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq

Welcome to the new Marina Mesopotamica! The articles published here have long been difficult to find because Iraqi scientists were largely isolated from the international community during the time of the previous regime. Now that Iraq is rejoining the world community, we have a unique opportunity to present these findings here. Besides publishing previous issues of Marina Mesopotamica, we are considering its future. We will carry the journal forward by seeking and publishing new articles on various aspects of marine and wetland science, including efforts to restore the Mesopotamian marshlands and improve the quality of the marine environment of the Gulf region.

The Arabic name of the journal, written below, is Majelat Wadi al-Rafedian li A'loum al-Behar - Journal of Mesopotamia for the Marine Sciences.

The rebirth of Marina Mesopotamica is a collaborative project between Iowa State University's Iraq Initiative Group and the Marine Science Centre, University of Basrah. This project is part of a more extensive effort to restore and further develop the quality of environmental science in Iraq.

Marina Mesopotamica Online: Three new online articles (more to come)


The Third National Conference on Environment and Natural Resources
November 7 - 8, 2007, Basrah, Iraq
First Announcement
Correspondence about the conference should be addressed to Prof. Dr. Abdul-Ridha A. Alwan (

The Second Scientific Conference on the Rehabilitation of the Southern Iraq Marshes
Basrah, Iraq 2 - 3 April 2007
First Announcement
Read the 2007 Abstracts
For general information, contact Prof. Dr. Salman D. Salman (

Basrah Marsh Rehabilitation ConferenceAbstracts of the papers from the
First Scientific Conference on the Rehabilitation of the Southern Iraq Marshes
Basrah, Iraq 11 - 12 April 2005
Read the 2005 Abstracts
2005 Conference Programme
2005 introductory conference video presentation

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History of Marina Mesopotamica
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Available Articles
(Marina Mesopotamica Online)

Volume 1, Number 1)

Laith A. Jawad. Fishing gear and methods of the lower Mesopotamian plain with reference to fishing management. Pages 1-37. PDF
S. G. Ajeel, M. H. Ali, and S. D. Salman. Secondary production of the cladoceran Simocephalus vetulus in a temporary pool at Basrah, Iraq. Pages 38-47. PDF
Muhammed S. Al-Asadi, Peter Randerson, and Kathryn Benson-Evans. Phytoplankton population dynamics in three West Algerian rivers: I - The River Cheliff and its tributary, the River Mina. Pages 48-72. PDF

More articles to follow

Articles from the Print Version

Volume 18, Number 1 (Abstracts)

A. A. Hantouch and K. K. Hreeb. The biochemical composition of some micro-algal species isolated from the Shatt al-Arab River. Pages 1-8. PDF
A.R.M. Mohammed, F. M. Mutlak, and J. H. Saleh. Food habit of Sillago sihama in Iraqi marine waters, northwest of Arabian Gulf. Pages 35-42. PDF (Original format; in Arabic with English abstract and reference list).
A. N. Balasem, A-S. K. Ali, and A. J. Mutar. Haematological studies on the effect of two types of glyphosates on grass carp fish Ctenopharyngodon idella. Pages 77-85. PDF (Original format; in Arabic with English abstract and reference list).

Volume 18, Number 2 (Abstracts)

Volume 17, Number 1 (Abstracts)

A.R.M. Mohamed, T. S. Ali, and N. A. Hussain. Stock condition of large-scale tongue sole, Cynoglossus arel, in the northwest Arabian Gulf. Pages 1-12. Original format. PDF
T. S. Ali, J. H. Saleh, and A. A. Jabir. Growth oscillation of some Iraqi marine fishes in the northwest Arabian Gulf. Pages 13-21. Original format. PDF
H. R. Al-Sheriffi, M. J. Hindi, and S.M.H. Al-Shatty. Early bacterial content of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) and sbour (Tenualosa ilisha) caught from Basrah. Pages 23-30. Original format. PDF

Volume 17, Number 2

M. H. Ali, M. R. Anon, and H. H. Mohammed. The seasonal variations of abundance and biomass of the two odonate naiads Ischnura evansi Morton (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) and Brachythemis fuscopalliata Selys (Odonata: Libellulidae) in the Qarmat Ali region, Basrah. Pages 405-415 (figures to be added). PDF Original format. PDF

Volume 15, Number 1

K. S. Hassan, M. A. Habeeb, and N. J. Al-Mousawi. Occurrence of aquatic insects with algae in Basrah Province. Pages 137-143. PDF


L.A.J. Al-Hassan. Additional synopsis of biological data on Tenualosa ilisha. Pages 1-23. PDF

Volume 7, Number 2:

Abdullah Y. Khudair and Hamid K. Ahmed. The effect of eyestalk removal and eyestalk extract injection on the light and dark adaptation in the crab Sesarma boulengeri Calman. Pages 241-247. PDF

Volume 4, Number 1:

H. K. Ahmed. Neuroendocrine control of water content and calcium concentration in the crab Sesarma boulengeri Calman (Brachyura: Grapsidae). Pages 107-115. PDF

Volume 2, Number 1:

H. K. Ahmed and D. K. Sukar. Effect of eyestalk removal and eyestalk extract injection on oxygen consumption in the crab, Sesarma boulengeri Calman. Pages 81-87. PDF

Volume 1 (Iraqi Journal of Marine Science):

L. A. J. Al-Hassan. Vertebral anomalies in fishes from Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, Arabian Gulf. Pages 13-23. PDF

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