Links to Various Interesting and Useful Sites
...including search engines, butterfly and entomology sites, nettles, scientific method, biodiversity and environment, Middle Eastern issues, and Afghanistan

Search Engines

AAA Matilda Search Engine
Search engine specifically for scientific information.

Some Butterfly, Lepidoptera, and Entomology Sites

Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera
The most complete and comprehensive website on Lepidoptera on the Internet.
The Lepidopterists' Society
International society devoted to study and appreciation of butterflies and moths.
North American Butterfly Association (NABA)
A not-for profit organization working to increase public enjoyment and conservation of butterflies.
The Xerces Society
An international nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting biodiversity through conservation of invertebrates.
Monarch Watch
Dr. Orley "Chip" Taylor's famous Monarch tagging and observing program.
Journey North
A global study of wildlife migration. Report your observations!
UK Phenology Network
Record your observations of butterfly and other wildlife seasonal activity in the United Kingdom.
Tactics and Vectors
Dr. David Gibo's comprehensive butterfly migration research site. (formerly DD's Birds and Butterflies)
Another interesting migration site, with information on Red Admirals and Painted Ladies in Europe, by Morten D.D. Hansen.
Bernd Harmsen's Butterfly Pages
Photos, life cycle, and migration of several European nettle-feeding nymphalid butterflies, including Red Admirals. Also includes information on butterfly conservation.
Butterfly Flight Research Webpage
Dr. Robert B. Srygley's research site.
North American Butterfly Monitoring Project
Testing and evaluating monitoring protocols for butterflies.
Alexanor's Butterfly Home Page
Sergey G. Popov's population research page for butterflies in southwestern Ukraine.
David's Butterflies and Moths
David Bell's butterfly monitoring research in Ontario.
Iowa State University Entomology Page
Website of the ISU Department of Entomology.

Red Admiral Larval Foodplants

Be Nice to Nettles
A website promoting conservation of the European stinging nettle, Urtica dioica. Includes nettle lore and promotes "Be Nice to Nettles Week."
Nettle: The Stinging Friend of Butterflies
From the Country Reflections Wildlife Column, by David Kavanagh.

Scientific Method

 A Field Guide to Critical Thinking
From the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP). An interesting presentation of the scientific method by counterexample. Some pitfalls to avoid when doing research or anything else....
The Mad Scientist Explains...The Scientific Method
A brief outline of the scientific method as it pertains to experimental design.

Biodiversity and Environment

 World Species List
A growing list of world biodiversity with links to over 8000 web sites.
National Geographic WildWorld
Information and images for 867 land-based ecoregions of the planet.
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Information on North American biological resources and species, including range maps.
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Assesses information relevant to understanding the risk of human-induced climate change.
Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change
Images of environmental change worldwide, including Mexican Monarch overwintering sites and draining of the southern Iraqi marshes.

Middle Eastern IssuesKuwait Towers

 Voice of Iraq: Site of the Iraqi National Congress
The Iraqi National Congress includes a variety of groups opposing the regime of Saddam Hussein.
Radio Free Iraq
Daily and weekly news on events affecting Iraq.
Iraq Update: U.S. Department of State
News and commentary on U.S. policy towards Iraq.
Iraq Watch
A comprehensive web site devoted to monitoring Iraq's progress in building weapons of mass destruction.
The Iraq Foundation
A non-profit, non-governmental organization working for democracy and human rights in Iraq, and for better international understanding of Iraq's potential to contribute to political stability and economic progress in the Middle East.
Iraq Research and Demonstration Project
Collection of resources documenting the government, politics, and society of modern Iraq. Includes a vast collection of Iraqi regime documents captured in northern Iraq during the 1991 uprising.
Iraqi Forum for Democracy
A non-profit political action group promoting pluralistic democracy for Iraq.
The Kuwait Information Office
Washington, D.C. based site includes information on Gulf War environmental destruction.
The Ecology of War in Iraq and Kuwait
Earthshots satellite photos showing draining of southern Iraqi marshes and Kuwaiti oil well fires.
Earth Observatory: Mesopotamian MarshesMesopotamian Marshes
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) March 2001 satellite photo of the Al Hawizeh marshes on the southern border between Iran and Iraq.
The Amar Foundation
Charitable organization supporting rights of Iraqi Marsh Arabs and restoration of the southern marshes.
Eden Again: Restoration of the Mesopotamian Marshes
The Iraq Foundation is sponsoring a new project, Eden Again, to restore the southern Iraqi marshlands. Contact Dr. Suzie Alwash, project director, for more information.
The Mesopotamian Marshes: Demise of an Ecosystem
A 2001 United Nations Environment Programme report on the disappearing Mesopotamian marshes.
Jordan: Geography and Environment: Environmental Threats and the Jordanian Response
Jordanian government overview of important environmental issues in Jordan.
Arab Human Development Report 2002
A United Nations Development Programme report on human development issues in 22 Arab countries.
Essays and Commentary on Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues
Independent online journal intended as a forum for people to express or challenge opinions on Middle Eastern topics.

Afghanistan Site of the Afghan Resistance
Includes news stories from diverse sources worldwide, as well as cultural information on Afghanistan.

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